F.A. Quail

F. A.Quail

Why Quail?


Quail are the new backyard bird. When you look at experiencing raising quail you can be your bird’s own architect and design an enclosure for them to enjoy! As adults, most Quail weigh between 8-12 ounces so they are small birds but are packed with personality! Quail just need a small enclosure that will protect them from the weather, predators, and keep them from flying away. Whatever your needs for quail are, we suggest you join social media groups that discuss different types of enclosures you can house your quail in. If you are not sure where to begin you can always start with a rabbit hutch!


Quail are excellent egg producers and meat producers so you get the best of both worlds. You also no longer need to worry about excess noise or predation as the birds can be housed indoor or outdoor in enclosures. They are cold tolerant and can live for up to 8 years. Another advantage are quail eggs are extremely nutritious when compared to chicken eggs. But the bottom line is, we think that quail are the most adorable chicks that you will ever buy!




What type of Quail should I buy?


If you are unsure what type of quail you should start with, we recommend starting with Coturnix Quail as they are the easiest type of quail to raise. These Quail are ready to meat process AND lay egg in 6-8 weeks. These are our more “domesticated” type of quail. They are easy to raise; all you need is a container to put them in with a heat lamp, feed, and water. We also send out management guides that help our customers get the best production out of their birds.


Bobwhite quail are native birds to the US. Due to them being a more “wild” type, they take longer to mature. Full maturity is at 15-16 weeks of age. You can house them outside by 8 weeks of age or if you are in a nice climate 6 weeks of age. Bobwhite can be a bit more challenging to raise but our management guide will help you be successful.


Please check out our Management page for more information!




What do I feed my Quail?


Even though Quail are very small birds, they require an entirely different nutrition program than chickens. Please go to our order page to download a pdf breed management guide for feeding directions.




What do I do when my Quail arrive?


Quail must be shipped in quantities of 30 through the US Postal Service in order to keep them warm and happy. As you can imagine, because these quail must be shipped in quantities of 30 they are much more fragile than chicken chicks! To be successful in quail raising it is extremely important to focus on picking them up as soon as they arrived at the post office and getting them heat, water, and food. Visit our order page to download a breed management guide.

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